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Disillusionment, t.v. feuds, warm tea, and the waffle house bandit October 21, 2008

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So, today didnt start out as strange as yesterday…Eric has settled down and is no longer loopy due to chemicals…although hes naturally a little loopy, and that hasnt changed!  I finished my paper that was due today, this morning, and hopefully the prof likes it, because I certainly wasnt awake.  Things I discovered, or have been thinking about as a result of the readings for the paper…mainly that I was being used as a propaganda tool by the US government while in the Peace Corps to spread cultural influence to countries they may or may not have a vested interest in…Dang…and I thought I was saving the world one person at a    time (j/k). Oh well, my bubble has been popped, and even the best programs have evil intentions behind them.  Can you say disillusioned and negative much?!  Ok, Im done with my government propaganda rant for now.

Im getting sick and cant stop coughing…it sucks!   It cant be fun listening to me cough in class either!  Luckily I have a doctor, and his name is Dr. Erik (friend not roomie).  His recommendations, hot tea with lemon and clear liquids and well im not sure what else, but he was giving my orders today on how to not be sick. (PS he isnt an MD, but as he ascertains, a JD to be) I am taking his advice on the warm tea though, it sounded good anyways so I picked some up on the way home. 

Ahh  Home, how fun art thee….not very!  There is currently a battle going on between Eric and Molly over stupid stuff, and right now there is a TV battle going on, ie: who can have it the loudest.  I told Eric(roomie) to cut it out…he laughed. As Ive said before…a lil brother.  Its calming down a little now, but if it doesn’t stop Im going to become a not so pleasant person to be around!  And some of you have witnessed angry Kristina first hand, and its not pleasant…laid back, nice Kristina is what is preferable!

Weird news for the day…Waffle House bandit.  Apparently a Florida women ordered a meal and then refused to pay…for a $7.45 meal.  Opting instead to serve jail time, up to 60 days or a $500 fine, as well as a second degree misdemeanor.  Thats one expensive crappy meal!



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